Global Currency Shake-Up: Experts Predict the Fall of the USD in Latest Forecast

By Gustavo Nils Nov23,2023


The US Dollar is set to lose its status in the global market, can it be true? In this time of uncertainty, anything is possible. This is the main theme of Dmitri Demidenko’s latest article. According to Demidenko, monetary expansion from the US Fed and other central banks will weaken the US Dollar, leading to a decline in its status.

He further elaborates on the fundamental US Dollar forecast for the year and discusses how the monetary tightening strengthened the US Dollar in 2022-2023. He then explains the impact of the G10 central banks’ rate hikes, the dynamics of inflation expectations and consumer sentiment in the USA, and finally, provides a trading plan for EURUSD for the year.

Demidenko advises long-term investors to use a “buy and hold” strategy and expects the euro may rise to $1.18-1.2 in 12 months. He also provides advice for swing traders to switch from short-term short trades to medium-term long trades.

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