Latest AUD Forex News Highlights: What You Need to Know

The AUD has been ⁤an important currency to keep an eye on in the ⁣world of Forex.‌ Here are‌ some of the highlights of recent AUD Forex news. –Security

AUD has ‍been trending‍ slightly higher against ⁢the US dollar the past month, due ​to increased investor confidence ⁢in the Aussie dollar. The Reserve Bank of Australia’s (RBA) recent decision‍ to cut ⁤ interest rates to a record-low of 0.75 per cent has ⁣helped to bolster the AUD‍ against the USD, while the​ recent US-China trade tensions ⁤have also provided some support for⁤ the Aussie currency. The AUD/USD is currently trading at​ 0.6890, up ⁢from its low ⁣of 0.6793 ‌at the start of the month.

In⁣ terms ⁢of security, the⁣ Australian government has been gradually increasing its security to protect against potential cyberattacks. This has included⁤ increased collaboration with the Five Eyes ‍intelligence-sharing network, as⁣ well as other organisations such as Europol and Interpol. There has ‍also been an increased focus on the security of critical infrastructure, including the power⁣ grid. The government has also⁣ been‍ working to ⁤improve the cybersecurity⁣ of ‌its banks and financial institutions, as⁢ well as other industries ‌like ​healthcare. As a ​result, the outlook ⁣for ​the AUD remains fairly positive.

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