The Best Sources for Forex News: An Academic Guide

Navigating the unpredictable world of trading-trends/” title=”Asian market forex news today: The Latest in Asian Market Trading Trends”>forex-supply-demand-zones-expert-guide/” title=”Analyzing Forex Supply & Demand Zones: Expert Guide”>foreign exchange, or forex, isn’t easy – even experienced traders have difficulty in predicting currency movements. Having access to the right news sources is an essential part of successful trading. In this article, we examine some of the best sources of news for forex traders. 1. ForexLive: With both technical and fundamental analysis, ForexLive offers trading news and analysis throughout the day.

2. Forex Factory News: Forex Factory provides an easy-to-read layout of news event fixtures, with useful filtering categories to help narrow down what traders should pay attention to.

3. Forex News Spike Trading: This trading tool offers timing and clarity for news traders to spike trade the market.

4. Economic Calendar: This comprehensive calendar offers important economic data from all around the world to help traders understand and analyze markets.

5. DailyFX: An in-depth analysis and research site to help traders, DailyFX offers an economic calendar with up-to-date forecasts and news announcements.

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